Grid Names

Grid Names

The meaning of the row and column names.

1 . Serial ColumnSerial Column

Serial Column

A serial mode column of Integers. Only serial mode columns are forecasted.

2 . Excluded ColumnsExcluded Columns

Excluded Columns

Two excluded columns with real numbers and letters. Excluded columns are not forecasted.

3 . Row NamesRow Names

Row Names

The original four rows with names.

4 . Swing ForecastsSwing Forecasts

Swing Forecasts

Four Swing forecasted rows. The rows names show the risk level for each row. If the name is Forecast it means that there is no risk.

5 . Progressive ForecastsProgressive Forecasts

Progressive Forecasts

Progressive forecasts with row names showing the risk and copies of the original row names. As forecasting continues copies of the forecasts are used for further forecasts.

6 . CellsCells


The grid cells contain the original and the forecasted values.