The Forecast dialog is used to forecast the values of any serial mode columns.

1 . Forecast typeForecast type

Forecast type

The two main types of forecast.


Only Serial columns can be used to produce forecasts.


Swing. Includes the number of rows and forecast period.


Pattern. Includes the range of the pattern found.

2 . Rows to forecastRows to forecast

Rows to forecast

Enter the maximum number of rows to forecast.

3 . RiskRisk


Enter the maximum acceptable risk level for the forecasts. SwingNN may go beyond this level as it tries to reduce the risk.

4 . Rows to includeRows to include

Rows to include

Check all the row types to include in the forecast.

5 . LimitsLimits


Check to allow the forecasted values to go above or below the limits of the current range.

6 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Press OK to accept all the settings and close the dialog.

7 . Cancel buttonCancel button

Cancel button

Press Cancel to reject all the settings and close the dialog.