Progressive Forecast

Progressive Forecast

An initial network is produced and trained using every row from the First to the Last. Another network is produced and trained using the rows from the Start and then with all the following rows up to the maximum. A copy of the row being forecast and a new row are added to the end of the grid. The new row has the forecasted values. This allows the forecasted values to be compared with the actual values. More than one forecast can be produced at every step. The process continues until the maximum steps is reached. When the process stops the grid is returned to its original state without removing the added rows. A secondary copy of the grid can be saved along with the secondary network.

1 . Total RowsTotal Rows

Total Rows

The total number of rows in the grid. All rows are counted.

2 . First Training RowFirst Training Row

First Training Row

The first row in the grid to use for training the primary network.

3 . Last Training RowLast Training Row

Last Training Row

The last row in the grid to use for training the primary network.

4 . Start Forecasting RowStart Forecasting Row

Start Forecasting Row

The first row to use for forecasting.

5 . Forecasts per stepForecasts per step

Forecasts per step

The number of forecasts to be produced after each step.

6 . Produce Secondary NetworkProduce Secondary Network

Produce Secondary Network

Check to produce a secondary network.

7 . Secondary Network NameSecondary Network Name

Secondary Network Name

The file name of the secondary network.

8 . Max rowsMax rows

Max rows

The maximum number of rows to use for training at each step.

9 . Max stepsMax steps

Max steps

The maximum number of steps.

10 . RiskRisk


Forecasting will stop if the risk level is exceeded and cannot be reduced.

11 . Ignore stopsIgnore stops

Ignore stops

Check to ignore all stops during progressive forecasting.

12 . Defaults buttonDefaults button

Defaults button

Click Defaults to set all the dialog controls to their defaults settings for the grid.

13 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Click OK to accept all the settings and close the dialog.

14 . Cancel buttonCancel button

Cancel button

Click Cancel to reject all the settings and close the dialog.