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Frequently Asked Questions

Iím a registered user but I donít understand the update policy.  Are all updates free?
Minor updates and bug fixes are indicated by the letter after the version number.  They are free to registered users of that version while it is available.  Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the version number.  All major upgrades released within three months of your most recent purchase are free. 
How do I change the temporary version to the full version?
Download the full version from the web location that was sent with your registration details when your order was processed.  If you did not get your registration details they were probably intercepted by a badly designed anti spam service or application.  Send a message to upgrade using a valid e-mail address that will allow an answer to get through.
How do I get support for SwingNN?
Support for all versions of SwingNN is available by e-mail. Send a message to support or just click the yellow envelope on the toolbar.
Is an SwingNN guidebook available?
The SwingNN documentation is in the User Manual or this FAQ. The FAQ is updated with answers to support questions. The User Manual is updated with every release.
How do I enter my registration number?
When you order SwingNN the keycode and registration instructions will appear immediately on the order screen.  Follow the instructions to enter your name and keycode into SwingNN. The 30 day trial version will change into the temporary version with no grid size limits. The location of latest full version will be sent by e-mail when your order is processed.
The data that I am using has a series of values that increase, decrease and then increase again. The forecast is only increasing.
The last few values were detected as an increasing trend and it was used to produce the forecast. Version 2.0a can detect and use multiple trends.
Spreadsheets with only one column fail to import.
This is a bug that is fixed in the next update. For now just add an extra dummy column to the xls file. The dummy column can be deleted from SwingNN grid after the import.
How do I change the colors used for the row names?
The colors for the row names, the column names and the network diagram can be changed in versions from 2.0c

How do I use the hidden patterns?

Hidden pattern discovery is automatic and has been included since version 3.0a
There is a rarely seen problem with forecasting concurrent patterns. The problem is fixed in version 3.0e

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