SwingNN Testimonials


Dear Stephen,

I have been using SwingNN for a number of different projects, both experimental and practical, since it was first introduced. I have found it to be extremely useful and a valuable additional tool for work that both supplements EasyNN and as a stand alone tool. I have also found the additional tools that you have made available within SwingNN during its development, extremely helpful and time saving. and I look forward to others that may be added as time permits.

The future use of this software is one that am exploring, as opportunities and time permits. One thing is for certain I have as yet only been able to use a very small proportion of its capabilities, which means there is tremendous scope with it, for the future.

Thank you for all of you efforts and please continue your great work, it is much appreciated, especially your responsiveness to suggestions and recommendations. I can honestly say that there are no software products that I have ever used in any quarter, i.e. professionally or personally, and over several decades, where the person or company providing the software is and has been so responsive in all respects as you have been, to the needs and calls of your customers.

Yours sincerely and with kind regards,

P. Dickens



You know what I think of SwingNN but here is a summary. When I first tried the free version I decided it was trying to do something clearly impossible and deleted the whole lot. I sent you an email with a few very rude comments. Your reply arrived with an updated full SwingNN. As it was free I gave it a go predicting future rainfall were I live in the USA. After a month I compared the prediction with the real rainfall. SwingNN was more accurate than the weather forecasters so I sent you the money!

Pat Ross


The reason I use SwingNN is because it does a better job of predicting than an addition to Excel that I also use. I compare the results every week. It is not as easy to use as Excel but that is because I have years of experience that has set my habits.

Jennifer Williams


I cannot understand how this works but it does. One of my students is using SwingNN to play an investment game. He always wins and it is becoming difficult to keep him playing. He wants to join the real world but needs some finance.  When we work out how it works and complete a extensive validation we will try to get the finance.

M.  Walker


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