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Latest Version and Updates

What is the latest version of SwingNN?
The latest version of SwingNN is 4.0a

The trial version is at    

Registered users can get the full version upgrade information by e-mail from upgrade.

What has changed in the latest version?
1.  Many checkpoints have been added for Undo/Redo.

2.  Performance has been improved.

1. The problem loading empty files has been fixed.

2. The performance has been further improved.

1. Bug fixes and performance improvements only.  No functional changes.

1. Fixed a possible crash in pattern forecasting.

2. Simplified pattern detection and forecasting.

1. Changed Forecast dialog to default allowing forecasts above and below range.

2. Inhibited File > Save and File > Save As while networks are learning to avoid potential crash.

1. Installer size reduced.

2. Increased the accuracy and speed of pattern forecasting by removing irrelevant columns from the forecast loop.

3. Help file improved.

1. Typing errors corrected in Getting Started exercises.

2. Help file recreated.

1. Automatic pattern based forecasting has been added.  The grid is searched for any pattern.  The examples rows with the pattern are copied to the end of the grid.  The copies are used for forecasting.  The new forecasted rows are copied to the grid.  The process is repeated until it is cancelled or no more patterns can be found.

2. Buttons for fast grid tidying added.

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